This is the entry page for the js-tools discussion group and related resources. js-tools is the mailing list for Javascript tool developers.

discussion group (mailing list and archive are hosted at Google Groups)
github repo (the companion repo on github holds this page and list resources)
js-tools resources (links to tools, documentation, blogs, ..)

Dear Javascript enthusiasts,

we are pleased to announce a new Javascript mailing list:

- are you working on some great Javascript tools?

- are you looking for a Javascript development tool?

- do you wish that tools X and Z could be used together?

- have you invested time building tool T on top of tool A,
   only to find the A has been abandoned and everyone
   else has moved on to tool B, without telling you?

- would you like to see the various individual development
   efforts feed into collaborative development projects, to
   improve interoperability and maintenance?

- are you looking for collaborators to revive an open-source
    tool that its original authors no longer have time for?

Join js-tools and help moving Javascript developer tools
forward!-) It is a forum for Javascript tool developers and
others who wish they knew where to find tool information.

    JavaScript Development Tools. Tools for JavaScript;
    tools in JavaScript. Discovering and integrating existing
    tools; implementation of new tools; shared tooling
    infrastructure; needed tools; research on tools and tool

There is a companion github repo for the group, entry page at

The repo has a longer description of why I think this group
is needed, and it holds a list of tool resources that we hope
to grow as Javascript tool developers start using js-tools
as a place to announce their tools.

On behalf of the js-tools team,

Claus Reinke
John J. Barton
Axel Rauschmayer